PurpleStar Radio

PurpleStar NetRadio offers a nice and easy selection of folk, pop and light rock tunes by some of the most talented Indie artists in the world today.

PurpleStar Cinema

Some of the best entertainment is created by producers, directors and actors who do not have the benefit of a big bankroll or the backing of a major studio. These hand picked films and series are among the cream of the crop.

Audio Theater

Audio theater is the modern age successor to the iconic programs that entertained America and the world during the golden age of radio. The works presented here include several genres, including comedy, drama, horror and science fiction.


ABOUT PurpleStar

PurpleStar Arts & Entertainment is dedicated to the free expression of art, ideas and culture through media, including but not limited to audio, video and print. We hope to create and nurture a community where both artists and fans, producers and consumers can come together and share a common interest. It is to be a platform through which creative individuals can exhibit and distribute their labors of love, a theater where one may find knowledge, inspiration and entertainment and a forum where all may share and discuss the arts and culture of our age.

Our primary focus is on those works available through Creative Commons licensing or released into the public domain. We believe that these are the works most suitable for attention by the community. It is our hope and desire that those who visit these pages will come to look upon this community as their own and will help to develop its features and content.


Old Time Radio: Old Time Radio Comes to PurpleStar

Posted by David on 2015-08-02 06:08:48 PDT

We are pleased to announce that OTRGold has become a part of the PurpleStar family of websites.  Old Time Radio may be thought of as the original audio theater.  Before we became addicted to television, we would gather in the living room in the evening around a big wooden box and be entertained and informed by whatever popular radio program was on the schedule for that night, using the power of our minds to imagine what the action looked like.


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General: Ready For The Big Launch

Posted by David on 2015-07-26 08:16:24 PDT

It has taken a while to get everything into place, but PurpleStar Arts and Entertainment is ready to be presented to the world.  I hope that visitors to the site will not only enjoy the works presented here, but will also join the community and help develop it.  In this regard, the Forum will be up and live in a couple of days.  I see the forum as a place to not only get artists and fans together, but also as a place where artists may share news about their projects, or inform about upcoming events.  As PurpleStar is a work in progress, stop by often.  Each time you visit, there is likely to be a lot of content you haven't seen before.

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